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Electronic Components & Devices

Electronic components' photo The electronics market is a driving force of the new era, and Kyocera continues to support this rapidly changing industry with innovative products and value-added solutions.

Kyocera provides a variety of attractive electronic components and devices for a wide range of applications, including various products in MLCC with key features such as miniaturization, high capacitance, high voltage and low
inductance. Among the many products we offer EMI filters, transient voltage suppressors and ceramic resonators for a variety of micro processors.

Higher performance is required for ever-advancing communications technology, and Kyocera pursues the development of cutting-edge products to meet these demands. Ultra-miniature and high performance crystal units, TCXO, SAW filters and RF modules support the advancement of mobile handsets. For PC and network equipment, high performance clock oscillators are available.

Check out Kyocera's electronic components & devices line up here:
> Capacitors (MLCCs, Tantalum capacitors, OxiCap, etc.)
> EMC Products (EMI filters, Transient voltage suppressors, etc.)
> Ceramic Resonators
> Crystal Products (Crystal units, Oscillators, Optical devices, etc.)
> SAW Devices
> Connectors
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Products > Electronic Components & Devices 
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